Interregnum: between emergence and contamination

Virtual publication and exhibition curated by Patricia Margarita Hernández, developed during her participation in the Artis Curatorial Residency Program in 2020.

Spread from Patricia M. Hernandez's publication Interregnum (2021), featuring video stills from Leaking Lands by Ofri Cnaani. Publication was developed during Hernandez’s participation in Artis' 2020 Curatorial Residency Program.


Interregnum: between emergence and contamination is an exhibition in the form of an online publication inviting the reader to reflect on the in-betweenness of our present condition. Building on Antonio Gramsci’s definition of crisis, the liminal spaces described through the curatorial text and works in this publication find themselves caught between what has yet to collapse and that which cannot yet manifest.

It presents fragments from films, conversations, sound, and text reflecting on terms such as contamination, unlikely commons, delinking, entanglement, alliances, and interregnum. Together, Interregnum: between emergence and contamination positions the reader as an active participant and asks to reflect on what needs to be done both individually and collectively to imagine a different future. The aim is to think about how the artists’ use of media, including the design of this publication, can reflect the interstices of our encounters translated and mediated from various vantage points, locations, disciplines, and politics.

Accompanying this publication is a set of film screenings that will be made available on Artis’ website from May-August 2021.

Participating artists: Keren Benbenisty, Domingo Castillo, Ofri Cnaan, Deville Cohen, Sofia Cordova, Nir Evron, Dor Guez, Elite Kedan, and Nestor Siré.

Film Screenings: Ofri Cnaani, Deville Cohen, Dor Guez, Nir Evron, Elite Kedan, and Nestor Siré.

Editor: Orit Gat | Designer: Wkshps


Nir Evron
Ofri Cnaani
Deville Cohen
Keren Benbenisty
Dor Guez