Curatorial Programs

Artis organizes week-long curatorial seminars in Israel, day-long workshops, and short-term residencies that allow international curators to engage with artists from Israel and the context they work in. Artis’ curatorial programs consider ideas, language, and questions in the context of contemporary aesthetic-political discourse. Reframing global discourses through local questions, the curatorial programs create points of encounter among professionals, centered on different forms of exchange.

Artis Curatorial Workshop with performance theorist Bojana Cvejić at the Artis office in Jaffa, Israel, 2019.

Studio visit with artist Ilit Azoulay, Artis Curatorial Seminar in Israel, Fall 2016. Photo by Or Kaplan.

Studio visit with artist Gal Weinstein, Artis Curatorial Seminar in Israel, Spring 2017. Photo by Jason Schmidt.

Studio visit with artist Zoya Cherkassky, Artis Curatorial Seminar in Israel, Summer 2019.

Visit to the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Artis Curatorial Seminar in Israel, Summer 2019.

Visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Artis Curatorial Seminar, Fall 2016. Photo by Or Kaplan.

Studio visit with Naama Tsabar, Fall 2016. Photo by Or Kaplan.

Curatorial Programs

Curatorial Seminar

Artis hosts curators, museum professionals, and writers for week-long seminars in Israel. The itinerary includes visits to museums, galleries, and other exhibition spaces, as well as private collections and artists’ studios. Focused on discourse, the seminars include meetings with curators, academics, and journalists for discussions on the intersection of contemporary art and politics in Israel and the region.

Curatorial Residency

The Artis curatorial residency program provides mid-career curators and writers an opportunity to spend three months at a partner residency to develop research and curatorial projects that engage with the work of artists from Israel and related discourse. Participants conduct studio visits and meetings with arts professionals from Israel, while immersed in an international arts community at the host residency, and receive support to develop their professional practice, experiment with new ideas, and foster collaboration.

Curatorial Workshop

Artis’ curatorial workshops invite curators for a day of discussions about the intersection of art and politics examined through the local context where each workshop is held. Taking place in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin, as well as virtually, the workshops bring together small groups of art professionals and artists from Israel who are based in each city for discussions about art and local culture.