Curatorial Residency

Launched in 2020, the Artis Curatorial Residency Program provides mid-career curators and writers an opportunity to spend three months at a partner residency to develop research and curatorial projects that engage with the work of artists from Israel and related discourse. Participants conduct studio visits and meetings with arts professionals from Israel, while immersed in an international arts community at the host residency, and receive support to develop their professional practice, experiment with new ideas, and foster collaboration.

At the end of the residency, the participant develops a final project, which is shared publicly and may take the form of an exhibition proposal, essay, online publication, or digital project that brings the work of artists from Israel into dialogue with international artists. The residency is fully funded, and the participant receives an honorarium for the duration of the residency as well as for the development of the final project.

Participants are selected through an annual open call to participate in the Curatorial Residency Program. 2021 curators-in-residence will be announced in the spring of 2021. The next open call will be announced in spring 2022 for residencies that take place in 2022.

Current Residents

Ella Navot
TBA–21 Academy, Venice, Italy 2021

Ella Navot holds a masters degree in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is engaged with experimental anthropological research methods working with moving images as a process of unlearning. Her thesis research originated from the sea: following the objects and histories that it reveals as a strategy of refusal and attempting to disrupt the visual regimes that articulate hegemonic representations. In her work, she aims to visualize the entanglement of people, stories, and places otherwise perceived as separated by concrete and imagined borders, born from a need to reimagine the future of Israel-Palestine and the region. She has researched topics around contemporary migration and has professional and activist experience supporting the struggle of African asylum seekers in Israel. Her interest lies in subversive storytelling at the intersection of materiality, spatiality, decolonial and feminist thought and filmmaking practices.

Navot will participate in the 2021 Ocean Fellowship at TBA21–Academy's Ocean Space venue, a 4-month fellowship in Venice, Italy dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research on oceans and waterways, taking place from June 21–October 17, 2021.