Dear Reader,

Artis is a contemporary art organization dedicated to supporting artists and contributing to a global conversation about art and culture. We work with artists from Israel who ask questions and explore complex narratives in thoughtful, new ways.

Our work is motivated by a belief that artists generate transformative experiences and ideas that are essential to culture and to people’s view of the world. We are committed to participating in this dialogue by providing opportunities for artists to develop and present their work. Operating in a charged context, we strive to move beyond replicating national language, assumptions, or preconceived notions in a manner that is responsive, responsible, and in constant exchange with the international art community. We never intend to shy away from difficult conversations about what this looks like. We see the politics and history of the region as a set of terms that condition the understanding of artists from Israel and their work.

Artis’ grant programs reflect this ethos. We work with artists directly through project and residency grants and support the presentation of their work through exhibition and acquisition grants. The curatorial and public programs we organize are likewise intended to further the discussion of the different narratives and histories that govern the understanding of the place, as seen through art and culture. We invite you to read more about our mission, values, and history in the about page, and learn more about the artists and projects we support in the grantees pages.

For us, conversation is a participatory practice, and we welcome all engagement with our work. Our small staff is based in NYC and Tel Aviv, and we look forward to hearing from you.