Signals from the Studio... Artist Ruth Patir on the Crisis of the Political Imagination

Audio interview with artist Ruth Patir, conducted in the spring of 2021.
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Ruth Patir, Petah Tikva, 2020, stills from video animation.

In this segment of Artis’ audio interview series, artist Ruth Patir speaks with us from Tel Aviv about her experience studying and making art in New York, the role of dreams and the subconscious, and the state of our individual and collective political imagination.

This interview was conducted in the Spring of 2021, and edited for conciseness. It is part of Artis’ audio seriesSignals from the Studio..., where we speak with artists from Israel, and delve into current topics in contemporary art and culture that they address in their practice. Signals from the Studio… is produced by Artis and made in partnership with journalist, urbanist, and writer, Yonatan H. Mishal, who hosts and edits the interviews.