Abduction by Ohad Fishof

Video and short story written and directed by Ohad Fishof, 8:50 min, 2010

This artist film is a part of the curatorial project: Dancing on Tec(h)tonic Plates
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Ohad Fishof, Abduction, 2010, video still, 8:50 min.

Hoon is an ambitious trilogy of works developed by Ohad Fishof. It consists of a series of works in a variety of media that portray the characters, institutions, and events of an imaginary place called Hoon. In Abduction, the second part of the trilogy, Fishof uses the common narrative of an alien abduction in reverse: this time, it is a human that abducts the aliens, creating a mind-bending story of a quasi emotional relationship. Abduction is based on a short story written by Fishof, with the English version of the piece narrated by the late dance teacher and choreographer Vera (Vicky) J. Blaine.


Ohad Fishof is an interdisciplinary artist that works in a diverse range of media and fields. His body of work—a difficult-to-categorize continuum of idiosyncratic, mostly time-based art—spans from live music to site-specific performance work, video, installations, and dance pieces.

Fishof lives and works in Tel Aviv. He teaches at the BFA program at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and at Hamidrasha Faculty for the Arts in Beit Berl College. He is a senior teacher of Ohad Naharin's Gaga movement language, and has taught Gaga classes and workshops worldwide.