Residency Grants

Who is eligible for the residency grant?

Residency grants are awarded to visual artists and curators who identify as being from Israel regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or additional national identity. Residency grants are awarded to artists and curators who have been accepted to an internationally recognized residency program outside of Israel. Artists must provide documentation of their acceptance into the residency when they apply to the grant.

Applicants must have at least two years of professional experience following completion of their degree, and demonstrate an ongoing and active commitment to their practice.

How do you define an artist as being “from Israel”?

Artis does not maintain a definition of what being “from Israel” means. Artis does not ask applicants to define themselves and applicants may self-identify in any way or combination of ways they choose. Artis does not require proof of past or present citizenship. Applicants may have been born, lived, or currently reside anywhere in the world.

What is a successful residency grant application?

Applications are evaluated based on the artistic merit of the proposed project, as well as the anticipated level of impact the residency will have on the artist’s practice. Successful applications will be specific about what the artist hopes to achieve during the residency, demonstrating its impact and how it will advance the artist’s career. Residencies at internationally recognized institutions will be given priority, but Artis welcomes applications to diverse types of residencies, including traditional live-in residencies, virtual residencies, as well as residencies at academic institutions, museums, or cultural organizations.

How much funding can an artist request?

Artis awards residency grants up to $5,000. Grant amounts will be determined based on the costs of the residency, travel, and other financial concerns in relationship to the overall cost and duration of the residency. Grants will be awarded either directly to the artist or the residency program to cover fees.

Can two artists or collective apply for a residency grant together?

Yes, two artists, a collaboration, or a collective will be considered a single application and will be awarded up to $5,000 for the residency.

Will Artis fund more than one residency per artist a year?

No. Artists may only submit one application for a residency program in a single year.

Can I submit an application for a program I have been accepted to in the same city where I live?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a residency program in the city where you live. Your application should explain why the residency will be different from your regular studio practice in that city.

How to apply?

Artists must submit their application online. Artis does not accept applications via post or email.

What information will I be asked to provide in my application?

1) CV including a list of previous residencies, if any 

2) Copy of the original application submitted to the residency

3) Copy of the acceptance letter from the residency and any other confirmation materials, including the dates and location of the residency as well as residency staff contact

4) A personal statement describing why this residency is important to your practice and what you hope to achieve there

5) A complete budget outlining the residency costs, confirmed and anticipated funding, travel, living, and working expenses. Here is a helpful resource for putting together a realistic budget. 

6) Work samples which may include images, links to videos, performances, and other projects or materials that you would like to share to contextualize your practice.

Do you accept applications in languages other than English?


When will I know if I am awarded a grant?

Applications are reviewed quarterly and applicants are notified of decisions within three months of submitting their application. Please consider this timeline when you apply. If your timeline is shorter than three months, please notify Artis by writing to

What is required of grant recipients?

Upon completion of the residency, grantees will be asked to submit a final report outlining their experience, describing the work completed during the residency as well as an evaluation of the program’s impact.

Please write to with any questions not answered here. Do not write directly to staff, and no phone calls, please. We will respond as soon as possible.