Open Call: Ocean Fellowship in Venice

December 2021

Open Call: Ocean Fellowship in Venice

Artis is thrilled to announce its second year supporting the Ocean Fellowship Program in Venice, Italy, in partnership with TBA21-Academy. The 2022 Ocean Fellowship Program is a three-month funded fellowship in Venice dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research on oceans, waterways, and marine histories. The fellowship brings together four fellows and two mentors to considers how thinking about, and learning from, the ocean can help us build radically inclusive environments. 

We’re currently seeking candidates, who are artists, curators, academics, or researchers, for the 2022 Ocean Fellowship. Applicants from Israel whose work addresses aesthetic, social, and political questions about oceanic subjects may apply. One participating fellow will be supported by Artis. Topics of interest for the 2022 fellowship include oceanic worldviews; kinship and duties of care of the ocean; the role of the ocean in nurturing multi-species communities and diverse lifeforms; and how bodies of water should be treated, intertwining knowledges and cosmologies of the past, present, and future. The deadline to apply is December 23, 2021.

The Ocean Fellowship facilitates connections across the diverse localities, knowledges, and oceanic routes. The fellows and mentors will spend time together in Venice exploring opportunities to learn through oceanic Indigenous methodologies that will also reach a wider audience through the Academy’s ecosystem: Ocean Space in Venice,, and OCEAN / UNI.

The Ocean Fellowship Program is organized by TBA21–Academy and takes place at their Ocean Space venue in Venice, Italy. The in-person fellowship takes place from April 1–June 30, 2022, and is followed by seven virtual group sessions between October–December, 2022. A virtual orientation for all participants will be held in March 2022. Please read the program details, below, along with eligibility requirements and FAQs, before applying. Applications are currently being accepted and must be submitted here by December 23, 2021.

About the Ocean Fellowship

The Ocean Fellowship Program supports four fellows, under the guidance of two mentors, at TBA21–Academy’s Ocean Space venue in Venice, Italy, to conduct individual and collaborative research with an awareness of oceanic worldviews and marine histories. Fellows will engage in conversations and exchange, share their own practices, host open and closed workshops, and develop public sessions connecting the Venice community with local and international audiences as accomplices of, and participants in, the development of a set of principles for ocean kinship. In recognition of Indigenous marine governance and leadership, fellows will explore non-binarism as a philosophy and strategy that protects the water. Fellows will also practice storytelling as a methodology during the fellowship, as an action that portrays and conveys a territory, a mindset, and a substance, encouraging intergenerational exchange and building resilience in communities. Click here for information about last year’s Ocean Fellow, supported by Artis. 

TBA–21 Academy’s 2022 Ocean Fellowship is presented in partnership with The Sámi Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, aabaakwad, and Artis.

About TBA21–Academy

TBA21–Academy is a contemporary art organization and cultural ecosystem fostering a deeper relationship to the Ocean through the lens of art to inspire care and action. For a decade, we have been an incubator for collaborative research, artistic production and new forms of knowledge by combining art and science, resulting in exhibitions, research, and policy interventions.

TBA21–Academy’s Ocean Space is a new planetary center for catalyzing ocean literacy, research and advocacy through the arts. Established and led by TBA21–Academy and building on its expansive work over the past ten years, this new embassy for the oceans fosters engagement and collective action on the most pressing issues facing the oceans today. The Ocean Space opened in March of 2019, and inhabits the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice.