Celebrating Artis' First Decade as an Organization

Published by Artis April 2014

Performance by Yasmeen Godder dancers.

A Magical Night at the Museum to Celebrate Artis’ First Decade

On a balmy evening in late April 2014 over 400 friends, supporters and art world luminaries gathered in the beautiful sculpture garden of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Artis’ founding.

The evening, which featured music and videos, was punctuated by surprises including performances by artists and speeches about Artis given by its founder and Board Chair Rivka Saker as well as Executive Director Yael Reinharz.

The occasion not only enabled Saker to welcome new and longtime friends of the organization, but also gave her the opportunity to publicly thank all those who made crucial contributions to its success.

“Artis has come a long way in the past ten years as an organization supporting contemporary art from Israel. Thanks to an anonymous donation from a donor in Israel in the amount of $1 million dollars we are at a crucial point of expansion, increasing our support mechanisms for artists and of course celebrating ten years of groundbreaking work.”

Among the guests in attendance were the grantees from this spring’s Artis Travel and Research trip, in addition to many local artists who have received Artis support. Guests enjoyed special performances by Israeli artists Yael Barolsky, Yasmeen Goddern Dance Company, Victoria Hannah, Ran Slavin, and Nevet Yitzhak.

Yael Barolsky.

Victoria Hannah

Dorin Frankfurt and Rivka Saker.

Yael Reinharz.

The New Barbizon’s Asya Lukin, Natalia Zourbova and Zoya Cherkassky.

Yaffa Braverman and Rivka Saker.

Yael Reinharz, Yoram Morad and Tali Cherizli.

Vardit Gross, Matan Oren and Anka Mirkin.

Photography by Tomer Appelbaum and Dan Haimovich.