Artist Residency Grants


Residencies are an increasingly important component of the professional advancement of artists, offering opportunities to create new work, learn new skills, meet peers and forge professional connections. Artis provides financial support and professional development resources for artists from Israel who have been accepted to top residency programs around the world.

Residency Grants further our history of direct support for artists, including: professional development workshops, and project grants for artists in Israel, prior residency grants, and scholarships at Columbia University’s MFA program. After more than a decade of successfully supporting artists through these programs, and through careful evaluation and assessment, we determined that what many artists need now is the opportunity to build on their successes, advance their careers, and learn from their international peers through the unique structures and programs that international residencies provide.

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements

  • Residency Grants are awarded to visual artists who have been accepted to an artist residency program outside of Israel, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, political persuasion, or additional national identity. 
  • Grant may be used to cover any costs associated with a residency, including but not limited to fees, travel, living expenses, supplies, etc.
  • Grants range between $500 and $5,000 USD, and are determined by Artis staff and an international panel of arts professionals.
  • Please read the Residency Grant FAQ for a complete list of eligibility requirements and information on how to apply.

Application Process and Timeline

We are no longer accepting applications for 2020 Residency Grants. Applications will open again in early 2021.


Read our Residency Grant FAQ for a complete list of eligibility requirements and write to with questions that are not answered there. Do not write directly to staff, and no phone calls, please. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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