Exhibition Grants


Who can apply for an Exhibition Grant?

Grants are awarded only to nonprofit organizations outside of Israel such as museums, biennials, festivals, and experimental or independent spaces. Grants are awarded for exhibitions, events, or presentations that feature one or more artists who identify as being from Israel.

How do you define an artist as being “from Israel”?

Artis does not maintain a definition of what being “from Israel” means. Artists may self-identify in any way or combination of ways they chose. Artis does not require proof of past or present citizenship. Applicants may have been born, lived, or currently reside anywhere in the world.

Who is not eligible for an Exhibition Grant?

As part of the Exhibition Grant Program, Artis does not fund: exhibitions in Israel, independent artist projects, tuition fees, residencies, commercial galleries, for profit enterprises, religious centers, grants exclusively for publications, or general operating support. Individuals, including artists, may not apply for an Exhibition Grant. Individual artists may be eligible to apply for an Artist Residency Grant.

How much funding can an organization request?

Artis supports approximately 15 projects per calendar year, and the average grant award is $5,000 USD. Organizations may request between $2,500 and $10,000 USD depending on a project’s scope and budget. Artis will not award a grant that is more than 10% of the total project budget. All requests must be made in US Dollars. Please note that determination of grant awards is made after careful review of the exhibition budget and in correlation to Artis’ grantmaking goals.

How are applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated based on artistic excellence, feasibility, and the anticipated level of impact on the artist(s), audience members, and contemporary art discourse. Completed grant applications are reviewed by Artis staff, Board of Directors, and a panel of international arts professionals.

Artis strives to enrich an ongoing dialogue between artists and art professionals in Israel and the international art community. Consider the following questions when completing an application:

  • Who is the audience and how are they being engaged?
  • Does the exhibition demonstrate innovative or creative curatorial thinking?
  • Will the exhibition support meaningful opportunities for cultural exchange?
  • How can the exhibition contribute to an international art discourse?
  • Will the project have a positive impact on the artist’s career?
  • What are the specific marketing and promotion plans, interpretive materials, and public programs to be offered with the exhibition?

Preference is given to applicants that include direct compensation or financial support for artists, as demonstrated through line items in the project’s budget (this might include artist stipends, production and travel support, and other basic costs associated with an exhibition or project).

Will my organization receive preference for funding if we have Curatorial Seminar alumni on staff?

We welcome projects initiated by Artis Curatorial Seminar alumni but all applications receive equal consideration based upon merit and adherence to the application guidelines.

Does Artis fund exhibitions at the same venue more than once?

Yes, Artis will fund the same venue more than once for different exhibitions, but successful venues may only receive funding three consecutive years in a row. Following three years of funding, grantees must wait a full calendar year before applying again.

Does Artis fund single artist projects for consecutive years?

Yes, Artis will fund solo exhibitions and single artist projects for up to three consecutive years in a row. Following three years of funding, grantees must wait a full calendar year before applying again. Please refer to our list of grantees for information on previously funded projects.

What if the exhibition is traveling or occurs at multiple venues?

If selected, Artis will award funding to only one primary venue per exhibition.

What if the exhibition is a series that has multiple parts at the same venue?  

If it’s a series of exhibitions or programs that are all related, you should submit one application for the whole series. Institutions should not submit more than one application a year.

When can the exhibition take place to be eligible for funding?

The Spring 2020 open call for applications will support exhibitions that take place in Fall 2020 and in 2021.

What information will my organization be asked to provide in the application?

When submitting an application, all organizations will be asked for the following:

  1. Exhibition Title
  2. Exhibition Venue
  3. Exhibition Opening and Closing Date
  4. Exhibition Curator(s)
  5. Solo or Group Exhibition
  6. Full list of participating artist(s), including those who identify as being from Israel
  7. Organization’s Mission
  8. Brief narrative description of the Exhibition
  9. Brief narrative description of the intended impact of the Exhibition
  10. List of Additional Venues, if applicable
  11. List of Partners and Major Funders, with amounts of confirmed and requested funding
  12. Description of Exhibition Audience
  13. Marketing Plan
  14. Total Exhibition Budget
  15. Grant Request Amount
  16. Artis Grant History
  17. CVs for participating artists
  18. Work Samples

Do you accept applications in any language other than English?


How do I submit an application?

Organizations must submit their application ONLINE. Artis does not accept applications via post or email.

When will I know if my organization is awarded a grant?

Decisions will be made in September 2020 for our Spring 2020 grant cycle.

If my organization is awarded a grant, what will be required of us?

Organizations are asked to execute their exhibitions as planned and keep Artis’ staff informed of progress or changes (including any budgetary changes). To ensure that Artis-supported projects gain maximum visibility, organizations are asked to specify the marketing and promotion plans, interpretive materials, and public programs to be offered in association with the project.

Grantees are required to credit Artis as a supporter of the project in all associated press and presentation materials with the Artis Grant Program logo or “Supported by the Artis Grant Program” with a link to our website: www.artis.art.

Upon completion of the exhibition/grant term, grantees must submit a final report that includes an evaluation, documentation of the exhibition, updated financial reports, press or media attention garnered, and, in some cases, hard copies of any printed materials.

What if my organization is interested in applying for a grant that falls outside of the grant cycle?

Artis reviews Exhibition Grants once a year. If you have questions about when to apply, please contact us at grants@artiscontemporary.org.

Can I consult with you if I have questions?

Please write to grants@artiscontemporary.org with any questions not answered here. Please do not write directly to Artis staff, and no phone calls, please. We will respond as soon as possible.