Past Public Program

Yael Davids, A Reading Writes – a Physical Act II at REDCAT, Los Angeles

Artis Presents

December 6, 2013, 8:00 pm

Los Angeles
631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Artis presented an opening night reception at REDCAT, which included a presentation by artist Yael Davids about her first US solo project, A Reading Writes – a Physical Act II.

For A Reading that Writes – a Physical Act II, Amsterdam-based artist Yael Davids developed a new performance together with Los Angeles-based dance artist Taisha Paggett, which took place within the gallery installation. Combining movement and text, the performers activated elements of the installation, manipulating the arrangement of objects—wooden structures, ropes, and large glass panes. Simultaneously, other participants rearranged the glass panes in response to the text and the architecture of the gallery.

The performance was inspired by Davids’ description of the landscape surrounding the kibbutz where she grew up: “Uphill were the beautiful ruins of the old Arab village Suba. We called it ‘the Arab Tzuba’” not fully realizing what that meant. We loved walking there as kids. It was a beautiful place with a beautiful view—this was nature.” As the script developed, the audience learned that the landscape had been the site of a Palestinian village, its population displaced and its buildings dilapidating into nature.