Past Public Program

Talk Show, a performance by Omer Fast

Artis Presents

November 11–13, 2009

New York City
Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand St.
New York, NY 10002

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Organized by research trip alum Roselee Goldberg for Performa 09, Omer Fast combined the familiar childhood game of “Broken Telephone” with the confessional talk show format. In a theatrical setting, invited guests recounted personal memories with direct links to current global events and the projection of power and freedom. As each guest began to speak, an actor appeared alongside, as an observer, listening to the guest’s account for the first time. When the guest finished, the actor retold what he or she has just heard, while another actor listened to the account and subsequently narrated his or her own rendition of the story. This sequence repeated several times over the course of the evening, allowing the story to spontaneously transform from individual memory to communal recitation, from version to version into its own fluid text.

Working with film, video, and television footage, Omer Fast examines how individuals and histories interact with each other through narrative. He mixes sound and image into stories that often veer between personal and mass media-based accounts of current events and history. Fast was born in Jerusalem in 1972, studied in the United States, and currently works and lives in Berlin. His video installation, “The Casting” (2008), was presented at the 2008 Whitney Biennial and won Fast the 2008 Bucksbaum Award.