Past Public Program

Debriefing Session

Artis Presents

March 28, 2013

Los Angeles
8221 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Artis presented Public Movement’s Debriefing Session, private, one-on-one sessions that revealed key conflicts from the series SALONS: Birthright Palestine?, co-commissioned by the New Museum and Artis as part of The Ungovernables, the 2012 New Museum Triennial. SALONS: Birthright Palestine? was a series of performative public debates designed to investigate the choreographies of Birthright Israel ideological youth journeys to Israel.

While developing the project in New York over the course of six months, Public Movement negotiated with power structures and various publics, navigating competing agendas, institutional alliances, backroom politics, and creating fractures across a spectrum of individual and organizational positions.

Debriefing Session foregrounds the transitional moment between research and action by turning members of the public into carriers of this information. Originally conducted in New York as the concluding action of the salon series, Debriefing Session will be activated in Los Angeles for the first time and will function as a new method of sharing the complex relations between cultural production, public and private funding bodies, political agendas and activism.