Past Public Program

Public Movement Positions, performed at Union Square in New York

Artis Presents

November 4, 2011, 1:00pm

New York City
Washington Square Park, New York

Participatory performance by the action and research group Public Movement. Presented by Artis and the New Museum, as part of the 2012 Triennial.

The action and research group Public Movement presents Positions, a choreographed demonstration that invites people to take a stand on any number of urgent issues. Presented in Warsaw, Holon, Bat-Yam, Eindhoven, Heidelberg, Stockholm, and now New York, the Movement invites the public to embody their preferences, aspirations, and beliefs—manifesting political and philosophical ideas as physical positions in Washington Square Park and Union Square South. This will be Public Movement’s first presentation in the United States.

In February 2011, Public Movement leader Dana Yahalomi began her research toward a project for New York, meeting with artists, historians, urban planners, memorial designers, politicians, government officials, and NYPD officers. The residency continues from January–April 2012, during which time she will initiate bi-weekly salons as part of the 2012 New Museum Triennial, “The Generational,” and will culminate in a newly commissioned action for New York City in April 2012, details to follow.

Public Movement is a performative research body that investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. The Movement explores the political and aesthetic possibilities that reside in a group of people acting together. It studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order, and overt and covert rituals. Public Movement was founded in November 2006 and was led by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi until August 2011, when Yahalomi became the sole group leader.