Past Public Program

Know Hope in “No Soul for Sale”

Artis Presents

June 24–28, 2009

New York City
X Initiative
548 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10011

“No Soul for Sale–A Festival of Independents” brought together 40 independent forces from around the world that uniquely animate contemporary art (not-for-profit organizations, alternative institutions, artists’ collectives and independent enterprises).

Artis presented a commissioned project for the festival by Know Hope, a Tel Aviv street artist. Hope created a new site-specific installation located on the 4th floor of X Initiative. This work continued a narrative based on an un-named figure, a manifestation of universal human vulnerability, observing, experiencing and commenting on different stages and situations of despair, hope and discovery. Through the use of a vocabulary of iconography such as the figure, electricity poles, tree stumps, broken televisions and billboards, the artist created a metaphoric world reflecting the one we live in. Hearts figure into all of the works, and Know Hope has said, “I hope to move heavy hearts at least one inch to the side by confessing that I’m petrified and secretly in love with the world.”