Past Public Program

Artis Shuk at the inaugural NADA NYC

Art Fair

May 4–7, 2012

New York City
548 West 22nd Street at 11th Avenue
New York City

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Housed in a tent on the roof with exhibition design by Comm-on Israeli (artist Lior Shvil), The Artis Shuk featured unique and limited edition artwork by some of Israel’s leading artists. Conceived as a playful counterpart to the art fair, The Artis Shuk was modeled after the markets (shuks/souks) found throughout Israel and the Middle East. Most artworks were priced at $500 and below, with all proceeds benefiting the Artis Grant Program.

Featured artists include Inbal Abergil, Guy Ben-Ari & Leah Wolff, Keren Benbenisty, Deville Cohen, Zipora Fried, Orly Genger x Jaclyn Mayer, Guy Goldstein, Dor Guez, Naomi Safran Hon, Itamar Jobani, Gabi Kricheli, Alon Levin, Alona Rodeh, Roee Rosen, Avi Sabah, Irit Tamari, Gal Weinstein, Guy Yanai, Gil Yefman, Rona Yefman, Picnic Magazine and Sternthal Books.