Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Dessau, Germany
October 3–November 17, 2019


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Transferumbau is an artistic research project that retraces the controversial Transfer Agreements of 1933 made between Nazi Germany and German Jews. The agreement enabled German Jews fleeing persecution under the Nazi regime to transfer a portion of their assets to British Mandatory Palestine, making possible the migration of 50,000 Jewish people from Germany to British Mandatory Palestine. The agreement was in effect until the outbreak of World War II, and played a role in the construction of the State of Israel.

The exhibition presents a multidimensional artistic action based on photography, design and performance, tracing the original objects transferred in the agreements and exploring ways that an object can become a carrier of an ideology – national or aesthetic. The project will be accompanied by a catalog, a conference and artist talks.

Transferumbau is the inaugural exhibition for a new space in Bauhaus Dessau dedicated to archival research. The project will also be presented in Tel Aviv as the inaugural exhibition at the White City Center, a research, exhibition and artist residency center, opening as part of the 100 years centennial celebration of the Bauhaus movement.

Participating artists: Nir Shauloff, Ilit Azoulay, Lou Moria, and Jonathan Touitou.