Tamir Zadok: Art Undercover
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Tel Aviv, Israel
September 19–December 16, 2017

Art Undercover is a multichannel video project rooted in the story of Shlomo Cohen Abravanel, a member of the Mossad, who went on an undercover mission in Egypt and assumed the identity of a fictitious French painter named Charduval. Abravanel’s cover story was so successful that he later had a solo exhibition in Cairo and two of his/Charduval’s paintings were sold to the Egyptian National Museum.

This project brings together for the first time two main ideas that are inherent to Zadok’s practice: the representation of the orient and the Israeli-Arab conflict. In previous works, Zadok focused on Mizrahi identity by using his own body and the members of his family, as well as dealing with militarism and propaganda surrounding the conflict. 

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