Shelly Nadashi
London, UK
April 27–June 9, 2018


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For her solo exhibition at Kunstraum, Shelly Nadashi presented The Avocado Vampire (19:00 min / HD Video / 2018), a video work depicting an imaginary conversation between three western women who find themselves living the lives of expats somewhere in a financial centre in the east. While the two older women are “classic” expat wives, who depend on their husbands’ statuses and the conventions of a patriarchal family structure, the third woman is a younger, ambitious professional who moved to the location on account of her own skills and accomplished track record. On the surface she seems liberated from the particular gilded cage in which the two others are held. Nevertheless, the global high-tech corporation where she works oddly resembles a different sort of gilded cage.

Mounted on a wall alongside this performative narrated work were a series of works made out of ceramic and paper, as well as three charcoal nude drawings.