Shelly Nadashi: Chatter Box
Manifesta 11
June 9–September 18, 2016


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As part of Manifesta 11, What People Do For Money: Some Joint Ventures, Shelly Nadashi presented an installation titled CHATTER BOX, curated by Christian Jankowski, Following Nadashi’s encounter with Latin and Greek teacher Dr. Margaretha Debrunner, Nadashi began in-depth research into one particular Latin poem: a eulogy for a dead parrot taken from Ovid’s Amores. In this elaborate text, a beloved pet parrot serves as a diminutive allegorical figure for the poet himself: a petty entertainer, a producer of pleasing words for well-to-do ladies, or a grandiose narrative-maker in the service of the Augustan regime. In homage to this parrot, CHATTER BOX was an immersive installation comprised of papier-mâché birds, eggs, and a nest that provided the setting for an audio play set to automated lights. Meditating on who is the parrot in this project––the teacher, the artist, the work itself, or potentially its consumer––the piece reflected upon its own conditions of consumption. Another part of the piece, NESTING BOX, which was on view at the Literargymnasium Rämibühl, presented the original Latin poem alongside translations into German and English.