Alpha Nova & Galerie Futura
Berlin, Germany
March 9–April 19, 2018


Links: Alpha Nova Galerie Futura

Shaatnez was Alma Alloro’s first solo exhibition in Berlin, presenting two distinctive bodies of works from recent years: an installation of textile works and animations, and a series of new drawings. From 2015 to 2017 Alloro created six large scale patchwork quilts, carefully crafted to create frame-by-frame animations. Using the excess fabrics from this work, Alloro developed Big Screen (Remix), drawing parallels between digital remix culture and the craft of quilting, both of which traditionally involved collaborative practices as well as found materials.

The second body of work was a collection of new drawings made mostly with markers on paper. This is an ongoing study by the artist to rediscover her sense of intuition, after years of working on projects with forced constraints.