Rendered Void
A.I.R Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
March 15–April 14, 2019


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Rendered Void was a solo exhibition by A.I.R. Fellowship artist Gabriela Vainsencher where she presented recent porcelain sculptures and large-scale photographs that question archeology as a discipline and the narratives it presents, tackling themes of memory and erasure.

The catalog for a 1987 exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, titled “Treasures of the Biblical Lands”, is the jumping-off point for the series of new photographs by Vainsencher. The exhibition presented artifacts found in and around what we now call Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the Gaza strip. Vainsencher cut out artifacts in the catalog, leaving negative space where these objects were on display, and created images that call to mind the holes in the ground after an archeological expedition. Exhibited in a way that references archeological museum installations, Vainsencher’s porcelain sculptures were presented with the photographs, appearing to wobble off or ooze out of the gaps in the photographs.