Re Arising
Oslo Kunstforening
Oslo, Norway
May 24–October 6, 2019

For her first major solo presentation in Europe, Rona Yefman will present a series of works consisting of framed photographs, silkscreens, texts, video and audio works, live performances and site-specific installations, focusing on individual female protagonists that she has developed close relationships with and collaborated with over the past eighteen years.

Rona Yefman’s works offer alternative narratives of collective historiography, while forming new notions of identity based on recognition and acceptance. Yefman describes her approach: “As an artist coming from a conflict zone created by male dominant behaviour, I was forced to seek freedom from the political, physical, and psychological constraints that defined my environment. In order to do this, I began to make work that was inspired by anarchistic movements born of creativity, rage, and the individualism of the 1980’s. As an artist I search for extreme situations and people that embody possibilities of freedom, and am fascinated by the gap between what we are, and what we want to be. I explore identity through photographing, videotaping, collecting text and collaborating with individuals that have formed a radical persona. My relationship with each person shifts according to the specific historical context, political conflicts, and cultural issues that is addressed through the exposition of the personal. By establishing close relationships with them, we begin to search for different ways to awaken the body and to elicit the self through the construction of different characters”.