Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art
CEPA Gallery
Buffalo, New York
June 2–December 24, 2017


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Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art, curated by David Mitchell is a comprehensive exhibition, spanning CEPA’s Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 exhibition slots. The project will feature contemporary avant-garde photographic, video, media installation, and sound art featuring work by Israeli and Arab artists. Functioning as an analog to the current political and cultural divide between Israeli and Arab cultures, this curatorial effort seeks to elaborate, broaden, and humanize one of the most geopolitically charged topics of our time. In presenting the rich perspectives of contemporary Israeli and Arab artists of the highest international caliber and repute—free of statistical and political analysis— CEPA seeks to re-introduce humanity while paying special homage to the indeterminable spirit and complexity of individual experience. By providing audiences with a collection of diverse and uniquely individual perspectives, CEPA will prompt critical engagement and honest dialogue among diverse individuals and groups. Place Relations will combine gallery exhibitions with commissioned projects, residencies, public art, a significant publication, and community partners to create a comprehensive cross-discipline platform for the exploration of this critically important cultural divide.

Participating artists: Lara Baladi Yael Bartana, Guy Ben-Ner, Tamy Ben-Tor, Wafaa Bilal, Keren Cytter, Miki Carmi, Dor Guez, Tanya Habjouqa, Yaakov Israel, Amal Kenawy, Hassan Khan, Joe Namy, Adi Nes, Miri Segal, Ahlam Shibli, Akram Zaatari, and Barak Zemer.