Orit Raff: Priming
Los Angeles
July 12–August 23, 2014


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LAXART presented the first solo exhibitions in Los Angeles of Nir Evron and Orit Raff in 2014. Raff’s body of photographic images were composed digitally, abandoning the camera all together. Based on settings in novels, Raff painstakingly composed spaces reflecting the artist’s concern with 21st-century questions around photographic veracity and technology. The installation was staged at the Tel Aviv Museum and travelled to LAXART for its U.S. debut. In tandem, LAXART presented Nir Evron’s first solo exhibition, Measuring Endurance, in the adjoining gallery. This project took shape with support from LAXART Director and Curator, Lauri Firstenberg, a participant in an Artis’ Research Trip program.