New Barbizon: Back to Reality
De Appel
July 17–October 3, 2020


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New Barbizon: Back to Reality is the New Barbizon collective’s first solo institutional show in Europe, presenting a new body of work developed during a prior residency at De Appel. The New Barbizon collective was founded in 2010 by five painters, born in the former USSR, who live and work in Israel. In their practice, they are committed to rendering an ever changing reality through drawing and painting from direct observation. Their works speak to layered forms of belonging – to dissident Soviet pasts, to Israeli presents, as well as to a tradition of art making that cuts against the grain of contemporary conceptual dogmas. 

New Barbizon collective members include Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, Maria Pomiansky, Anna Lukashevsky, Olga Kundina, and Natalia Zourabova.