Memory Goes As Far As This Morning
Chengdu MOCA
September 23–November 8, 2016


Link: Chengdu MOCA

Memory Goes As Far As This Morning, curated by Xiaohui Guo, is a group exhibition that brings together two established artists from different backgrounds, Gideon Rubin (Israel/London) and Shu Qun (China), in Chengdu, one of China’s fastest growing cities. The two-artist exhibition will be held in Chengdu MoCA from September 23 – November 8, 2016.

The title of this exhibition derives from a sentence in a poem written by the Nobel-prize nominated poet Bei Dao, alluding to the disposable nature of ‘news’: “The nation has lost its memory/Memory goes as far as this morning.” In this exhibition, both artists filter history and memories, each from their unique perspective, while the audience is enticed to revisit experiences from their own past. Memory and history are a major interest and concern for Rubin. Their nature, and one’s personal involvement in them, are important to his narrative.