Los Angeles, CA
November 6–9, 2020


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McGuffin is a high-action interdisciplinary performance that takes on the cinematographic trope of the chase scene. Three performers serve as human-operators of an elaborate performative-kinetic-sculpture. Using architecture, strict choreography, and video projection to subvert the spatial syntaxes of both theatrical and cinematographic spaces, and question the hierarchies they embody. Crafted out of mundane materials and photocopies, scenes of garbage trucks, tunnels, helicopters, and a carwash, are the material subjects that the performers encounter and become as they negotiate the presentation’s shifts of mediums, scale, and dimensionality. 

McGuffin was originally commissioned and produced by The Center For The Less Good Idea in Johannesburg in early 2019. For the Los Angeles iteration of the project, the piece will be performed by a new cast of performers and include a new scene that addresses the Los Angeles context of the film industry and the history of the chase scenes filmed in LA.