Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama
The Kitchen
New York
May 5–6, 2012


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Show Real Drama was presented at The Kitchen in New York in May 2012. The work was written and directed by artist Keren Cytter, and was based on the life of two actors she works with, Susie Meyer and Fabian Stumm. Having graduated from the University of Acting in Salzburg, Germany, Meyer and Stumm soon found themselves unemployed and isolated from the entertainment business in old Europe. After countless failed attempts to get hired, they decide to write and direct scenes for their own showreels.
For Show Real Drama, the pair presented these videos, recounting the experiences they had while filming. With an alternating mix of elegant dance and violent movement, their acting shifts from classical drama to existential embarrassment, while their story unfolds through repetitions of text and gestures, shuttling between seemingly improvised moments and carefully choreographed movements, creating a fractured yet empathetic storyline.