Kafka For Kids / Hilarious – an evening with Roee Rosen
Steirischer Herbst Festival gmbh
Graz, Austria
September 20–22, 2018


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Roee Rosen presented a performative interpretation of his ongoing film project Kafka for Kids for Steirischer Herbst 51, one of Europe’s leading festivals for contemporary art in Graz, Austria.

Combining popular formats of comic-drama fiction, documentary, and musical, Kafka for Kids imagines stories by Kafka as a brutally surreal children’s TV series. In the first episode, a somewhat sadistic parent figure retells the story of Kafka’s famous novella, The Metamorphosis, to a child, using speaking props and furniture played by actors. Via ever-longer commercial breaks, animations based on Rosen’s drawings, songs, and “backstage” interludes, the program gradually moves into an entirely different documentary realm, becoming the purported documentation of a panel discussion on the troubling intricacies of how Israeli military law defines childhood in the occupied Palestinian territories.