Hadassa Goldvicht: The House of Life
Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Venice, Italy
May 9–November 26, 2017


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The House of Life (2013-2017) was created over the course of an extensive investigation where Goldvicht filmed dozen of hours of conversations with the members of the Jewish community in Venice and particularly with 86-year-old Aldo Izzo, the keeper of the ancient Jewish cemetery in Venice. The exhibition included reconstruction via video of the cemetery and fragments of the conversations with community members collected throughout the years. The cemetery acts as an allegory of Venice at large, with its beautiful facades hiding the financial and social conditions of the city itself.

In the past decade the artist Hadassa Goldvicht has been creating video and installation work that revolve around the relationship between language, intimacy and hierarchy. Her site-specific works include intimate exchanges and conversation with members of communities and institutions, transforming the public domain into a private one, and vice versa.