False Flags
Pelican Bomb
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 1–May 29, 2016

False Flags was a group exhibition curated by research trip alum Noah Simblist and produced by Amanda Brinkman. It featured nine artists from around the world whose practices investigate contemporary notions of nationalism and the representation of imagined communities in the Middle East and the Americas. The term “false flag” is derived from a historical practice of naval warfare by which nations would fly colors other than their own to deceive an enemy. In modern times, the term has been used to describe a covert military operation, designed to appear as if carried out by another entity. But a false flag assumes that a true flag is, in fact, real—more than a symbolic object or set of abstract signs.

False Flags included works by William Binnie, Tania Bruguera, Minerva Cuevas, Jamal Cyrus, Exterritory Project, Nicolás Guagnini, Public Movement, Ariel Reichman, and Rona Yefman.

Pelican Bomb was free and open to the public Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 5 pm. Click here for more information about the exhibition.