Project Arts Centre
Dublin, Ireland
April 26–June 15, 2019

Roee Rosen’s first solo exhibition in Ireland will survey his practice from the complex perspective and history of the rituals and controversies around exorcism. The show will feature his gouache series Vladimir’s Night (2011-2014); video works including Hilarious (2010), Out (Tse) (2010), The Buried Alive Videos (2013), and The Dust Channel (2016); as well as a performative lecture talk and new work in development, Kafka For Kids.

Rosen is an internationally-acclaimed and widely exhibited painter, novelist, and filmmaker. Since the 1990s, Rosen has created numerous personae, hybridised narratives and paradoxical stories to address the instrumentalization and ritualization of history and of historical trauma, the complex relationship of collective and personal histories, and the politics of identity. Incorporating source materials ranging from popular media, political propaganda, the history of the avant-garde, comics, and classic children’s fairy tales, Rosen’s work challenges and transgresses normative canons and protocols.