Ella Littwitz
Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
Zurich, Switzerland
May 17–August 4, 2019

For her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Ella Littwitz presents a new installation alongside existing works about territories, borders, and identity. The new installation will be composed of bronze casts of Dittrichia Viscosa, an allelopathic weed that prevents the germination and survival of other surrounding organisms.

Alongside the new work, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen will present Uproot (2014), an installation of 142 botanical drawings inspired from the book The Weeds of Palestine and Their Control by Dr. Michael Zohary; Seam ReZone (2015), an installation of deflated footballs inspired by a story from when the city line was active, a border which divided Jerusalem between 1948-1967; a video projection (2017) that presents scientific footage of sand storms in a wind tunnel from the department of Geomorphology at Ben Gurion University; and A moon in Ramallah is a star in Hebron (2017), an installation of embroidered tablecloths, made in collaboration with embroiderers from the NGO Afnan el Galil, Arabe, that depict floor plans of old flour mills from Wadi Amud in the Galilee using Palestinian embroidery.