(De)constructing Borders
Kultura Medialna
Former City Youth Palace, Dnepr, Ukraine
June 3–24, 2017


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(De)constructing Borders was the first group exhibition of contemporary Israeli artists in Dnepr that focused on the questions of territorial conflicts, political mapping and power relations. Organized by Kultura Medialna and curated by Maria Veits for their annual Construction Arts Festival, the exhibition drew on the current political and cultural concerns of Dnepr, the largest city in proximity to the occupied Ukrainian territories and Crimean annexation. The exhibition addressed disputable territories, belonging and ownership of the public space and its reshaping by various social groups, urban planning and attempted to create a dialogue in and about public spaces between communities, governments and activists.

Participating artists: Nir Evron, Ohad Fishof, Daniel Kiczales, Dana Levy, Mai Omer, Nira Pereg, Rona Yeffman and Tanja Schlander, Yossi and Itamar, Tamir Zadok.