Curfew Unlimited: Nothing But Longing
Void Gallery
Derry, Northern Ireland
January 14–March 11, 2017


Link: Void Gallery

Curfew Unlimited: Nothing But Longing, curated by Sagit Mezamer and Bill Drummond, is a group exhibition composed of new works by emerging and established Israeli artists. The project came about when artist Bill Drummond, owner of the Curfew Tower extended an invitation to Israeli artist Sagit Mezamer to join an 18 month residency program (Feb 2015- Aug 2016) of Israeli artists and scholars in the 19th century heritage Tower building.

The exhibition will be composed of new works by emerging and established Israeli artists, who were invited by Mezamer and were committed to the “Curfew” confined living conditions, staying alone for a one month period. The works in the exhibition represent the overall experiences of the artists residing in the Tower during 2015-16.

Participating artists: Keren Cytter, Naama Tsabar, Effi & Amir, Shahar Yahalom, Shai Ratner, Talia Keinan, Ilit Azoulay, Guy Goldstein, Yonatan Levy, Jonathan Ofek, Rafram Chaddad, Asaf Ben Zvi, Netally Schlosser,Tchelet Ram, Eli Petel, Raymond Watson (NI), Bill Drummond (UK), Tracey Moberly (UK).

The exhibition will be accompanied by a website and printed publication