Conditions of Political Choreography
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
Berlin, Germany
June 17–July 16, 2017


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Conditions of Political Choreography was a joint project between the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein and the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv. This group exhibition, curated by Marius Babias, Sergio Edelsztein, Sophie Goltz, and Chen Tamir, featured performative artistic works that investigate the commemorative culture shared by Germany and Israel since 1990. These works examine the relationship between Europe and the Middle East, and reflect on how history and rituals of remembrance are viewed and cultivated in democratic societies. The exhibition architecture was custom-designed for each of the two venues, enabling the curators to modify the space according to their needs and choreographies.

Participating artists: Yochai Avrahami (IL), Yael Bartana (IL), Noam Enbar / Yonatan Levi (IL), Christian Falsnaes (DK), Ohad Fishof (IL), Michal Helfman (IL), Adam Linder (AUS), Antje Majewski, Ohad Meromi (IL), Markus Miessen, Roman Ondák (SK), Slavs and Tatars, Susanne M. Winterling.  

The exhibition in Berlin will be accompanied by a film series and a conference on Israel at the HAU.