As Much As You Want: A performative psychological experiment by Einat Amir and Yossi Hasson
Hyde Park Art Center
Chicago, IL
May 11–20, 2018


Link: Hyde Park Art Center Website

Presented in partnership with Hyde Park Art Center and Links Hall, the artist Einat Amir and the emotion researcher Yossi Hasson will create a participatory performance combined with a real time psychological research as part of a long-term collaboration with the Emotion in Conflict lab (at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel) led by Professor Eran Halperin. The project will consist of one on one interactions of performers with the audience.

Each performer will welcome one visitor at a time for a 15 minutes one-on-one interview. The interviews will be constructed as a psychological research / performance hybrid – containing a mix of questions and actions that will challenge the audience visually and emotionally. The interviews content will remain confidential. The anonymous data collected from the audience will then be processed into an innovative research in the field of interpersonal emotions.

This is the first collaboration between a social psychologist who studies emotions and a performance artist who studies human interactions. The joint project is a psychological experiment, and serves as a multi-sensual artistic experience.