Choreographing the Public: Rolling Room
On Curating
Zurich, Switzerland
January 16–February 15, 2020

For her first solo exhibition in Switzerland at On Curating, Hilla Toony Navok will present a new installation, curated by Ronny Koren and Maya Bamberger. The exhibition is part of a series at On Curating exploring the changed relationship between artwork and viewer in our networked era of social media, managed by Sergio Edelsztein. 

In her work, Navok combines familiar and synthetic everyday objects and consumerist materials. Referencing Israeli urban architecture, public spaces, and home decor aesthetics, she deconstructs objects and materials into abstract models, tracing their modernist and formalistic origins in art and design. Navok’s new installation at On Curating simulates a fitting room, and is based on her research into Concrete Art, a movement that originated in Zurich, emphasizing colorful geometric abstraction that “does not have any meaning beyond ‘itself’” (Theo van Doesbourg, ‘Manifesto for Concrete Art’, 1930).