Chicago Works: Assaf Evron
Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, IL
July 23, 2019–February 16, 2020


Links: Assaf Evron Website, MCA Chicago

The work of Assaf Evron (Israeli, b. 1977) dwells at the interstice of architecture, decoration, place, and image. A former photojournalist, the artist uses a wide variety of media to both upend and connect an even wider variety of references, materials, and geographies. While global in scope, Evron’s practice is rooted in a rigorous investigation of local histories and context. The meander, a decorative motif based on natural curves of rivers and streams, wends its way through the artist’s work, which follows the design as it moves from sedimentation lines on the face of Mount Sodom to the ornamental facades of some of Chicago’s most iconic buildings to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. In this exhibition, Evron traces how different forms of decorative design meander and meet as images across the world, accruing new cultural significance in each collision.

Evron’s solo exhibition at MCA Chicago is presented as part of the MCA’s Chicago Works Series, which highlights work by Chicago artists who are shaping the local contemporary art scene.