Agency for Legal Imagination: An annual program of exhibitions and events about law and art
New York, NY
January 1–December 31, 2018


Links: Ludlow38

The Agency for Legal Imagination was a yearlong exhibition and public program series at Ludlow 38 in New York, curated by Goethe-Institut curator-in-residence Avi Feldman, dedicated to exhibitions, performances, lectures, and screenings that explore existing and imagined relations between law and art. Local and international artists, curators, scholars, lawyers, activists, and policymakers collaborated as they set to propose a new legal and visual agenda. Participants included Adelita Husni-Bey, Jonas Staal, Sabine Muller-Mall with Cathrin Romeis, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Ulf Aminde, Alex Strada, Jill Magid, Kendall Thomas, Center for Court Innovation, Tali Keren, Hinda Weiss, and many more.