Barry Frydlender
Dream Sinai #3
Chromogenic Color Print. 20 x 20 inches.

Edition of 10.

Additional Information

About the Work

Dream Sinai #3 depicts a place of duality and contradiction—what was once a popular tourist destination and site of escapism for many Israelis, has transformed into a politically fraught territory. Through digital manipulation, Frydlender constructs a space where time, space and narrative are suspended—creating a contemplative, liminal environment where these historical tensions are brought to the fore. Through his process, Frydlender seamlessly stitches together dozens of photographs to create large and sharp color prints. Shot with a hand-held digital camera, Frydlender’s image compilations leave traces of their digital make-up through a subtle repetition of figures and scenery. Frydlender is widely celebrated throughout Europe, North America, and Israel for his work that infuses ethnic, religious, cultural, and political layers.

Barry Frydlender was born in 1954 in Israel, and lives and works in Tel Aviv. In 2007, Frydlender was the first Israeli artist to have a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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