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Artis is an independent nonprofit organization that supports contemporary artists from Israel whose work addresses aesthetic, social and political questions to inspire reflection and debate.

About Us

Artis was founded in 2004 by philanthropist Rivka Saker with the goal of amplifying international recognition of artists from Israel. Starting off as a series of public events timed with New York’s Armory Show, the organization’s scope organically expanded to include programs that invest in artists and cultural exchange. We raise our annual budget without governmental funds through the generosity of individuals and foundations that share our values. Artis is based in New York and Tel Aviv.

What We Do

Artis connects artists, art professionals, and the public. We do so through interconnected programs that emphasize sustained support for visual artists from Israel living anywhere in the world whose work is in dialogue with contemporary art discourse. Our programs are built around two goals:

  • fostering opportunities for international cultural exchange with arts professionals and artists from Israel.
  • creating opportunities for public engagement with and understanding of art and artists from Israel.

Our Values

  • We believe that artists generate transformative experiences and ideas that are essential to local and global culture, and to our rapidly changing world.
  • We support living artists of any religion, ethnicity, race, gender, political persuasion, or additional national identity.
  • We support freedom of speech and artistic expression for all people.

Our Impact

Artis is dedicated to advancing cultural exchange, fostering valuable connections, sharing knowledge, and providing funding to create meaningful opportunities for artists and the global art world. Since our founding in 2004:

  • We have hosted 210 prominent arts professionals on Curatorial Seminars in Israel, resulting in 480 projects, initiatives, or articles
  • We have collaborated with 475 institutions through Curatorial Seminars, Public Programs and Exhibition Grants
  • We have supported over 600 artists through Career Development programs, many of whom later received artist grants
  • We have awarded 352 grants, totaling $1.9 million to artists, writers, and institutions
  • Our programs have reached audiences in 75 cities across 6 continents



Recent press about Artis and our programs, as well as noteworthy articles about Israel’s contemporary art scene.

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