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Ein Harod Museum of Art, Kibbutz Ein Harod
One of the first art museums of Israel, the Museum of Art Ein Harod was founded in the 1930s by the kibbutz members and built by Samuel Bickels, who designed a complex of galleries and courtyards overlooking the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. It was inaugurated in 1948, and was opened during the height of the battle of Independence. It is considered one of the earliest and best examples in the world of Modernist museum architecture based on natural light and served as an inspiration to Renzo Piano when planning the De Menil Museum in Houston in the 1980s. It has a collection of 16,000 artworks and includes a collection of Jewish artifacts dating from the 17th century onwards, as well as paintings and sculptures by artists from the 19th century. Its dynamic contemporary and historical exhibition program includes solo and thematic group shows, many of which are accompanied by acclaimed scholarly catalogues.

Haifa Museum of Art
The Haifa Museum of Art was founded in 1951 and has come to function as an intercultural bridge, reflective of Israel’s most diverse city. In January 2011, inspired by the cross between minimalist form and the act of walking, the museum mounted “Formally Speaking (I): Lines Made by Walking,” which included Haifa Walks, guided tours that connected the city with the museum, while mapping the city according to routes created by visitors.

The Open Museum, Tefen
The Tefen Industrial Park, founded by Stef Wertheimer, opened in 1985 as part of a holistic concept of economic development based on the synergy between industry, education and technological training, cultural enrichment, high living standards for workers, and peaceful coexistence. The Open Museum is located in the Tefen Industrial Park northeast of Acre, in the heart of the Western Galilee, and is one of three Open Museum branches. It includes an art gallery with rotating exhibitions, the German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum, the Art of Industry Museum, a car collection, and a sculpture garden.

The Open Museum, Tel Hai
The Open Museum of Photography in the Tel-Hai Industrial Park, at the very northern tip of Israel, north of Kiryat Shmona. It is one of three Open Museum branches, and is entirely devoted to photography. Temporary exhibitions are regularly staged in the museum’s five galleries. Once a year, the museum mounts an exhibition of work by graduates of photography departments in the country’s art schools along with a conference on photography. The museum’s permanent collection includes work ranging from historical photographs to contemporary works, a collection of cameras, and a library.

Alternative Spaces

Umm El Fahem Art Gallery
The Arab city of Umm el-Fahem lies in the eastern part of Israel, near the seam separating the State of Israel from the Palestinian Authority. The gallery was founded in 1996 by local residents and artists who wanted to bring contemporary art to the city, and to exhibit original Arab and Palestinian art. Contemporary art exhibits, symposiums, creative workshops and seminars have drawn large audiences and have established the gallery as an important center in the local and international culture scene. They are now fundraising towards establishing Umm el-Fahem Museum of Modern Art.

The Art Gallery in Kibbutz Lo’hamei Ha’getaot
Cabri Print Workshop
The Edge, Naharia
Janko Dada
Mishkan Le’Omanut, Ein Harod
PeKA – Center for Art, Science and Technology, Technion, Haifa
The Gallery, Tivon